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Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple | History,Timings and Photos

Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple

Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple is in Diguvapalli, Chittoor District. The deity of this temple is Goddess Shakti in the form of Gangamma. However,Goddess Shakti dedicates this temple to Lord Venkateshwara.

sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple

History of Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple:

Once there lived two tribals namely Boyas and Yelikas in the forest. They offer prayers to their chief deity Gangamma for happy and good fields. But their happiness was ruined by Nawabs attack. Boyas and Yelikas united to revolt against Nawabs attack. Again the Nawabs send their army to destroy tribals. Helpless tribals went to the temple and start to pray goddess Gangamma for support. It is still believing that the goddess Gangamma who killed Nawabs in a normal physical form in order to save her tribals. For that reason, the tribals constructed the  temple.

The temple has a tradition of Pushpam Aduguta which means asking permission for the decisions of their desires. In this process the pilgrims will place a flower on the head of goddess. Afterwards, if it is a good desire  the flower will fall on right side to the goddess.If it fall on left side the desire has to think before doing. So one should be careful while taking the decision

Timings of Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple:

Generally, the temple timings are 5:00 AM to 6:30 PM

How to reach Temple:

  • Madanapalli,punganuru are the nearest cities to the temple. Frequent buses are available from these places to the temple.
  •  Moreover, Kanipakam temple is at 91 km away from the temple.

Temple Photos:

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