Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple Thrissur | History, Timings, Accommodation

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Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

Do you guess where this Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple is? Probably you can’t! Well, If you can guess that it is a South Indian Temple then Yes it is a South Indian Temple situated in Thrissur city of Kerala State. This temple has the main deity of Lord Shiva which is said to be installed by Lord Parasurama according to legend. Want to know more about the temple history, Timings and so on. Let’s get to roll down…

Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple thrissur

The legend behind Sree Vadakkunnathan temple:

Actually, Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple has many legends behind it to believe, On among them is, Once Lord Parasurma ended up the lives of kshatriya 21 times who were considered powerful after brahmins. So, on the account of penance, he offered all his lands to the brahmins and wanted to vacate to a new land. Then he requested lord Varuna to give him a new land. Lord Varuna offers Lord Parusurama a winnow and asked to stir it in the ocean. When Lord Parusurama started stirring it in the ocean a piece of land has emerged called as Kerala. Now Parasurama needs the land to be sacred so he started his journey to Kailasam where Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvathi lives.

There, Parashurama requests Lord Shiva to come and stay in the land he created. Pleased with Parashurama, Lord Shiva started his journey to the new land along with Parashurama, Goddess Parvathi, and Lord Shiva Sons. After reaching Kerala, suddenly lord Shiva stopped at the place name Thrissur for rest under a banyan tree. Later he disappears and turned in the form of Shiv Lingam at the place under a banyan tree.

Vadakkunnathan Temple History:

This 1300 years old temple was built by a ruler of Cochin Kingdom. During the rule of Cochin Kingdom, the ruler decides to shift the lingam from the point under the banyan tree and reinstall in the temple. But no one was unable to lift or move it. Because it connected to the main branch of the tree and if happens the branches will damage Shiva Lingam. Then, a man named Yogatirippadu gave a plan that he will lay over the Lingam. And asked other men to cut the branch. However, not even one branch had fallen over the lingam while cutting according to his plan. Thereafter, the Shiv lingam was shifted under the temple where we are now calling the Sree Vadakkunnathan temple.

This is the only where we cannot see Lingam. Because Shiva lingam is always covered with the ghee from years back. It is believing that this it resembles Lord Shiva in Mount Kailas. We can also observe the ghee will not have any foul type smell and even melts also.

When it comes to the temple architecture, it resembles most of Kerala style temples. It has four openings each in one direction of North, South, East and West. But north and south entrances are not allowed for darshan where east and west entrances are only allowed for devotees. We can also see other deities inside the Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple namely  Sri Ayyappan, Sri Krishna, Sri Adi Shankara and Sri Nandikeswara.

Timings of Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple:

The Timings of  Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple are as follows

  • Morning Timings: 3:00 A.M to 11:00 A.M
  • Remains Close: 11:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M
  • Evening Timings: 4:00 P.M to 8:00 P.M

Maha Shivaratri, AanayoottuThrissur Pooram are the 3 main festivals celebrates in this temple. We are little familiar with maha shivarathri, but whereas Aanayottu is the festival of feeding elephant. And Thrissur Pooram is the type of instruments festival celebrates near the temple premises. 


  • Below 1-year children and other than Hindus are strictly not allowed inside the sanctum.
  • Decent dress code is important while entering inside the temple. Men with White dhoti and women with saree, Punjabi, dupatta are allowed.
  • Generally, the devotees will follow an order while visiting the inner and outer temple. People believe that a specific order of visiting the temple will provide wealth and health.

Best Time to Visit:

The city of Thrissur is in the tropical region. So, better to avoid visiting the temple in summer and rainy seasons. Winter season is the best season to visit the temple. However, you will miss the famous Thrissur pooram festival as this festival comes in the month of April and May.

The main attractions of the temple are murals which mean art description on the temple walls especially among those murals Vasukishayana and Nrithanatha are famous. Besides this, Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple is one among the  UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

How to reach Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple

By Air:

  • If you are planning to go on a flight then Kochi Airport in Kerala is the airport to the temple. However, we can hire a private vehicle to reach Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple which is about 53 km away from the temple.

On Rail:

  • Thrissur city itself has a railway station which is around 3 km away from the temple.

By Road:

  • As the temple is in the heart of the city Thrissur, we can hire a vehicle to reach the temple. And the city is well connected to the nearby famous cities.

Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple Accommodation:

There is no accommodation available for the devotees by the temple authorities. However, Thrissur is a well-known city with all type of accommodation availability. So, choose some of the hotels nearby the temple. Some of them are

  • Hotel Pooram International – 850 m
  • Gurukripa Heritage Hotel – 750 m
  • Hotel Mangala Towers – 1.8 km
  • Ammu Regency – 1.2 km

Vadakkunnathan Temple Photos:

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