Soumyanatha Swamy Temple Nandalur | History, Timings and Photos

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Soumyanatha Swamy Temple Nandalur

Soumyanatha Swamy Temple Nandalur is in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Venkateshwara in the form of  Sri Soumyanatha Swamy along with Sir Maha Lakshmi Ammavaru. This idol of Lord Venkateshwara looks like the main idol of the lord in Tirupathi. But this is the only temple where Lord Venkateshwara is in the Abhaya Hastam other than Kati Varada Hastam.

Soumyanatha Swamy Temple Nandalur


During the Chola Dynasty, the king kulotunya started construction for this temple. And humiliated by the kings of Chola Dynasty from 11 th century to 17th century. One of those kings named prathaparudra built Gali gopuram and donated the villages to the temple. And the temple has 4 raja gopurams of four directions. Though the temple is in Andhra Pradesh the temple has the some of the Tamil inscriptions on its walls. However, the inscriptions are about Bhagavatham. In addition, there is a craving for the fish on the ceiling of the temple.  However, the temple has 108 pillars with the lion heads at the bottom, constructed with the Red Stone. The idol in this temple is facing towards East.

The Temple also has sub-temple in its complex. Some of them are Lord Anjaneya, Lord Ganapathi, Prayoga Narasimha Swamy. It also has a small pond.

The people here believe that if we have a long-standing wish then we have to do 9 pradakshanas first and after if the wish is fulfilled, we have to do 108 pradakshanas.

Soumyanatha Swamy Temple Nandalur Timings:

  • Morning Timings: 6 A.M to 1 P.M
  • Evening Timings: 4 P.M to 7 P.M

Abhishekam on Every Friday and in the month of July Kalyanostavam will perform to Lord Venkateshwara every year.

How to reach Soumyanatha Swamy Temple Nandalur

  • Tirupathi airport is nearest to the temple if we prefer to go by air.
  • Frequent trains are available from Tirupati to Nandalur railway station.
  • From there we can reach the temple by the public transport or by local transport.
  • Buses also available from Kadapa and Rajampet

Soumyanatha Swamy Temple Nandalur Photos:

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