Sangli Ganpati Mandir Timings & Accommodation

Sangli Ganpati Mandir is at a distance of 4 km from Sangli Railway Station and 47 km from Kolhapur. It is a holy Hindu temple in the Ganpatipeta area of ​​Sangli town in Maharashtra. Sangli Ganpati temple timings are from 6 AM to 8:30 PM.

Sangli Ganpati Mandir

It is one of the famous temples of Maharashtra and one of the famous places to visit near Kolhapur. Sangli Ganapati Temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is located on the east bank of the river Krishna.

Sangli Ganpati Mandir

The construction of the temples was started in 1814 by Chintamanrao Patwardhan, the first head of Sangli, in honour of the guardian deity of the city of Sangli. The construction of this temple took 30 years and had completed in 1845.

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History of Temple

The king erected an idol of Ganesha only in this temple. In 1952, a red stone arch had erected in front of the Ganesh Gudi.

Chintamani Rao completed the rest of the temples and was recently renovated and replaced by Vijay Singh Patwardhan. The main temple is the masterpiece of Peshwa architecture, built of black stones from the Jyotiba hills.

The doors of the temple had carved with multi-coloured natural wood. The temple premises are over  ​​2 acres and have a large hall, stage and ‘Nagarkhana‘. The marble idol of Riddhi-siddhi Ganesha is beautiful in the temple.

Ganpati Temple

The main Ganpati Mandir is surrounded by four temples: Chintamaneswara, Chintamaneswari, Suryanarayana, and Lakshminarayana.

Along with the main temple, these four temples know as the Ganapati Panchayat. The panchayat’s five idols in the temple had made by local artists Bhimanna and Mukunda Patharvat.

Temple Design

Parashuram Bhavu Patwardhan started the construction in the yrear1779 and his son Appa Patwardhan 1798 completed the Sangli Ganpati Mandir. The structures had built by the people of the Hindu-Vadar castes of Karnataka.

The structures are the same as South Indian temples and have a picture room and a hall (mandapa) consisting of plain but well-worked stone.

The picture chamber is 9.44m x 8.83m, and the hall is 13.71m x 10.36m. The image chamber has a sphere of 10.36 meters, which is 2.43 meters lower than our smaller ones.

The porch has a flat roof carved with stone slabs. The hall consists of two rows of pillars with a three-aisled navigator of 3.04 m of space.

At Sangli Ganpati Mandir hall there are two entrances, Nandi and the Garuda Guard, which are 6.40 m high, including the pinnacles. The entrance to the tower is a large and high peak formed by a stone arch mounted on a tower of a form called a gopura.

The tower at Gadag in the Indian state of Karnataka is comparable. It has seven floors, gradually reaching a peek at the top.

The lowest floor dimensions are 11.27 m, the total height is 29.08 m, and the Kalas (pinnacles) and curved arms are 0.17 m high. The tower had carved with images of gods and goddesses.

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Bhadrapada Chaturthi is the grand festival held in the Sangli Ganpati Mandir where thousands of people gather to celebrate this sacred occasion celebrated for five days. The festival is a cultural and religious event that helps unite people.

temple timings

During these five days, programs performed like Pravachan, Kirtan, and Lalit. Apart from those Hardas, dancers, and singers are also organised. The procession for Ganapati immersion begins in the afternoon and the chariot was decorated for this occasion.

Ganapati devotees pull the chariot up to the stream, where they immerse Ganapati. At first, the chariot had made of teak wood, which was very heavy. Within a year due to its accident came the new Iron Chariot movie. Many pilgrims

Accommodation near Temple
  • Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur, 40.1 km from Sangli Ganpati Temple.
  • Veeksar the Fern, 38.5 km from Sangli Ganpati Mandir.
  • Nisarg Resort, 39.4 km from Sangli Ganpati Temple.
  • Citrus hotel Kolhapur, 40.5 km from Sangli Ganpati Mandir.
  • Joshi Yatri Niwas, 17.3 km from Sangli Ganpati Temple.
  • Ramee Panchshil, 40.6 km from Sangli Ganpati Temple.

Sangli Ganpati Temple Timings

Sangli Ganpati temple timings are:

Morning: 6:00 am– 12:00 pm

Afternoon: 2:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Aarti offers in the morning hours

How to reach

Below are the transport facilities to reach Sangli Ganpati Mandir

Air: The nearest airport is Kolhapur which is 50 km away.

Rail: The nearest rail station is at Kolhapur, which is 56 Km away.

Road: The direct bus is available from Kolhapur to the temple.