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Sabarimala Accommodation | Online Accommodation Booking

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Sabarimala Accommodation

Sabarimala accommodation online booking, room charges and availability details are in the following.

sabarimala accommodation

Room Tariff For 4 hours:

There the rooms for 4 hours are also available. The following are the details regarding room tariff for 4 hours.

Cottage Name

Min No.of Rooms/person Room Tariff for 12 hrs No.of extra persons allowed

Additional person cost/room


3 Rs.450 15 Rs.100
Pranava 1 Rs.250 2



3 Rs.450 15 Rs.100
Sree Matha (DH-7) 4 Rs.650 15


Sree Manikandan(DH-3)

4 Rs.1600 15 Rs.100
Chinmudra 3 Rs.400 15


Room Tariff For 16 Hours:

These are the details of room tariff for 16 hours.

Cottage Name

Min No.of Persons / Room  Room Tariff For 16 Hrs No.of Extra Persons allowed

 Additional Person Cost / Room


3 Rs.650 15 Rs.100
 Sree Manikandan 4 Rs.2200 15



2 Rs. 350 15 Rs.100
 Sahyadri                3           Rs. 650                15           Rs.100

Sree Matha (DH-7)

4 Rs. 850 15 Rs.100
Chinmudra 3 Rs. 600 15


 Sabarimala Accommodation Online Booking:

  • Room rent must be deposited at the time of booking.
  • Select right check-in slot rooms at the time of booking.
  • Carry a valid Id that was submitted at the time of reserving the room.
  • Online booking offers 12 hours and 16 hours of room booking.
  • 100 will be charged for each extra member in a room.
  • Carry Online booking receipt for room allotment.
  • Check the occupancy at the time of room reservation.
  • You can make the booking at http://sabarimala.tdb.org.in/

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