Ramagiri Valeeswara Swamy Temple | History,Timings and Photos

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Ramagiri Valeeswara Swamy Temple

Ramagiri Valeeswara Swamy Temple is in Ramagiri village, Chittoor district.

The deity of the temple is Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi in the form of Sri Valeeswarar and Sri Maragadhambikai respectively.

Besides Lord Shiva, Sri Kala Bhairava deity also present here as Santhaana Prapthi Bhairava. This temple is under a small hill with a pleasant environment.


History :

After the war with Ravana, Lord Rama was cursed with Brahmanatya Dosham.

Because demon Ravan was a Brahmin as he was born to a Rishi.

So, in order to overcome this dosham lord Rama’s guru Vasista advice him to get the Siva Lingam from Khaasi to her.

And, by this Lord Rama, will get relieved from the Dosha and can continue his authority as Ayodhya king.

Following the order by Lord Rama, Anjaneya started his journey to bring Shiva Lingam from Kaasi. While returning, he reached Kalinga Madhu Karai where Lord Kala Bhairava stays.

On seeing Anjaneya Lord Kala Bhairava wanted Shiva Lingam to occupy his place where the present Ramagiri Valeeswara Swamy Temple is. So, he requested Lord Surya and Lord Vayu to help him.

when Anjaneya reached that place the sun began to brighten more and the dry wind blows all over.

Then, Anjaneya felt so thirsty and stopped there seeing a boy as a cowherd, where Lord Kala Bhairava turns to the small boy.

He then asks for a pond to drink water.

Lord Kala Bhairava(small boy) prays Goddess Ganga for a pond to hit that place. He then suggested Anjaneya drink water in that pond. Anjaneya then went to the pond requesting the boy to hold Siva Linga.

After a while, that small boy dropped the Shiva Linga there and went off.

Anjaneya returned and saw Shiva Lingam on the ground. He tried to lift Shiva Linga with all his strength in his tail but he failed.

Moreover, he also observed that the weather turned to normal than before. Finally, he realized that it was a trick by someone and left to Kasi for another Siva Lingam.

Temple came to know as Ramagiri Valeeswara Swamy Temple.

Because Shiva Linga was brought here with the order of Rama the place is called Ramagiri and since Anjaneya tried with his tail(Vaali) to lift Shiva Lingam is called as Valleswara Swamy.

Ramagiri Valeeswara Swamy Temple Timings:

Generally, temple timings are,

  • Morning timings: 8:00 AM to 11:45 AM.
  • Evening timings: 3:00 PM to 5:45 PM.

How to reach Ramagiri:

By Air:

  • Tirupathi International Airport is nearer to temple covers over a distance of 40 km.

On Rail:

  • The nearest railway station is Puttur Railway Station. And it is of 26 km away from the Ramagiri Valeeswara Swamy Temple.

By Bus:

  • Frequent buses are available from nearby bus stations of Puttur Bus Station, Tiruttani Bus Station.

Temple Photos:

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