Penna Ahobilam Temple | History and Photos of the temple

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Penna Ahobilam Temple

Penna Ahobilam Temple dedicates to Lord Narasimha Swamy. It is present on the banks of Penna river, near Urvakonda, Anantapur district.

Penna Ahobilam is 12 km from Urvakonda and 36 km away from Anantapur. The temple 2800 ft above the sea level, its architecture represents Vijayanagara style.

Penna Ahobilam Temple

Legends behind the Temple:

According to the legends, the Ugra Stambham which is present on the top of the hill is where Narasimha Swamy has come from. There he came out from there to kill the demon Hiranya Kasyapa.

And the pond that is 2 km away from the hill, is the pond in which Narasimha Swamy has washed his hands after killing the demon.

The word Ahobilam is derived from the words ‘Aho Balam’ which means What a Power or ‘Great Power’.


In 1472 A.D, King of Vijayanagara empire Sadashivaraya had established the huge statue of Lord and built the temple. At the foot of the temple, a tunnel is present, all the abhishekam theertha goes into Penna river. Thus, no theertham is in the temple.

An interesting fact about this Penna Ahobilam temple is, daily a cobra visits Goddess Maha Lakshmi regularly.

The temple walls have inscriptions referring to Chalukya King Kirtivarman II, of 8th – 16th centuries.

Narasimha bugga is a place where water flows out from tree roots. In this place, Hiranya Kasyapa kills Narasimha Swamy.

Penna Ahobilam Narasimha Swamy Temple Festivals:

  • The annual Chariot festival is celebrated here in April month.

How to reach Penna Ahobilam?

  • Direct buses are available from Ananthapur, it is 36 km away from the Penna Ahobilam temple.
  • Moreover, buses are also available from Tirupati at a good frequency.

Penna Ahobilam Temple Photos:

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