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Mulasthaneswara Temple Nellore | History,Timings and Photos

Mulasthaneswara Temple Nellore

Mulasthaneswara Temple Nellore: or Sri Mulapet Shivalayam is located in Mulapet area in Nellore. The main deity of this temple is Lord Shiva in form of Mulasthaneswara Swamy. Lord in this temple is self-manifested under Neeli tree Uru means village thus the name Nellore came for this place.

Mulasthaneswara temple Nellore

History of Mulasthaneswara Swamy:

As per the legends, a man by name Mukanti reddy has a cattle herd his cattleman uses to take the cows for feed. One day Mukanti reddy notices that one of his cows is not getting milk. he orders the cattleman to keep an eye on the cow. In the forest the cattleman notices that the cow was emptying the milk in an Ant-hill on anger he beat the cow but the cow escapes from him but it hits to a stone in Anthill and blood is coming from the stone.

On fear the cattleman ran and informs about this to Mukanti reddy. After this Mukanti reddy in his dream appears a natural power and informs him to build a temple for Shiva lingam. After waking up from his sleep he recognizes his dream and build a temple here and thus the name Mulasthana Ishwara came.

Timings of Mulasthanaeswara temple

Generally, the temple opens at morning 6:00 am and closes by 8:00 pm.

How to reach Sri Mulapet Shivalayam:

By Air: The nearest airport is in Tirupathi which is at a distance of 110 km.

On Rail: Vedayapalem and Nellore railway stations are nearest railway stations to Mulapet. However, from Nellore railway station it is just 5 km to reach this temple. So from there, you can reach by road thereafter.

By Bus: Psr, Nellore mini and Nellore bus stations are nearby bus stations to Mulapet. From there you can reach by local transport to this temple. However, APSRTC runs a number of buses from all major cities to here.

Mulasthaneswara Temple Nellore Photos:

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