Most Affordable Hotels in Kedarnath | Best time to visit Kedarnath

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Hotels in Kedarnath

The temple in Kedarnath is located in Nagar panchayat of Rudra Prayaga District, Uttarakhand State.  It is one of the temples among the Chardham yatra.  The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Shiva in the form of Shri Kedareeshwara Swamy. If you want to visit this temple then the following details of the Best time to visit Kedarnath, Hotels in Kedarnath, Kedarnath temperature in October, Kedarnath temple photos will be very useful.

Hotels in Kedarnath

The Most Affordable Hotels in Kedarnath has a different type of option to stay like Resorts and Tent, Guesthouse, Hostel, Lodge, Caravan, Camp. However, the cost to stay for one night will range from Rs.500 to Rs.10,ooo. Here is the list of some of the hotel in Kedarnath with it level best amenities.

Name of the Hotel

Minimum Price(INR)

Madhu Tourist Lodge

Everest Tourist lodge


Amisha Hotel

Vishvanath Hotel


Sunil Lodge

Gujarat Bhawan


Senik Hotel

Madhuban Hotel


Kedar Palace

Hotel Saurabh


Hotel Punjab Sindh Awas

Anoop Tourist Guest House


Panday Hotel

GMVN Tourist Village Syalsaur


Shivalik Valley Resorts

Kedar Camps


The Chardham Camps Guptakashi


Best time to visit Kedarnath

Let us know the best time to visit Kedarnath before planning. However, the temple will be in the snow for nearly half of the year. So, it is better to visit the temple other than winter season i,e from May to June and also in September to October. Apart from that, it is not a good idea to visit this place even in rainy season also because of the heavy rainfall in the higher altitude.

Kedarnath temperature in October

But what about Kedarnath temperature in October as it is the starting month of the winter season. The temperature will be ideal for the months between sept-oct. Sometimes the temperature will vary from 0°c- 20°c also.

Kedarnath temple photos

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