Lepakshi temple | History,Timings and Photos of the temple

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Lepakshi Temple

Lepakshi temple has another name of Veerabhadra temple. It is in Lepakshi village of Anantapur district.

There are three shrines present in the Lepakshi temple namely Lord Shiva temple, Lord Vishnu temple, and Lord Veerabhadra temple.

During 1336 – 1646, Vijayanagara‘ Kings build this temple.

Lepakshi Temple


Viranna and Virupanna brothers build this temple. The temple completely represents the Vijayanagara architecture.

The sculptures created by Vijayanagara’s artisans in the Lepakshi temple are very famous. By using a single rock, Nandi has built.

The scenes of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puranas made on walls using fresco paintings technique with bright colours. Asia’s largest fresco painting is present on this temple’s ceiling of Ante-Chamber.

It measures 23 x 13 feet. On the eastern side of the temple Lord Shiva and his consort, Parvati is placed.

The other chamber has Lord Vishnu‘s image.

Famous attractions at Temple:

The Hanging Pillar:

  • The hanging pillar is a remarkable thing about his temple. This pillar is suspended in the main hall that is said to be the reception hall for Shiva and Parvati’s marriage.


  • The Naglinga present here in Lepakshi Temple is the largest monolithic Naglinga of the country. It is said that this Naglinga was built in just one hour by the sculptors.

Durga Padam:

  • Durga Padam or Goddess Sita’s footprint is another major attraction here.

Lepakshi saree design:

  • You will get a glimpse of beautiful lepakshi sarees which are painted on the pillars.

Lepakshi Temple Timings:

Darshan timings of Lepakshi temple are

  • Morning hours: 5:00 am – 12:30 pm
  • Evening hours: 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm

The darshan is open throughout the week. Temple timings may vary during festival days.

Temple Accommodation:

There is no accommodation and food are provided by the temple authorities. So, we to choose the hotel in the city of Lepakshi. Well, some of them are

  • Natraj Hotel
  • Lepakshi Haritha Hotel
  • Srinivasa Hotel

How to reach Lepakshi?

By Air:

  • Bangalore international airport is the nearest airport to the Lepakshi temple.

By Rail:

  • Hindpur railway station is the nearest railway station, it is 14 km away from the temple.

By Road:

  • Buses will run by KSRTC as well as APSRTC.

Photos of Lepakshi Temple: