Kotappakonda Temple | History,Timings and Photos of the Temple

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Kotappakonda Sri Trikoteswara Swamy Temple:

Kotappakonda Sri Trikoteswara Swamy Temple: This temple dedicates to Lord Shiva.

The presiding deity of this Temple is Sri Trikoteswara Swamy it is also called as Kotappakonda Temple.

The three deities here are Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Lord Shiva. This temple is situated on a hill with one thousand steps.Kotappakonda Temple

History of Kotappakonda Temple:

As per the legends, Dakshaprajapathi youngest daughter Sati devi chosen Lord Shiva to marry against her father’s wish.

Daksh wants to insult Lord Shiva and decides to perform Yagnam and invited all Gods and Goddesses for the Yagnam except Lord Shiva because they don’t have a good relationship.

After hearing about yagnam Sati Devi wife of Lord Shiva decides to go for yagnam. Though she was not invited.

Sati devi was insulted by her father and sacrifices herself in Yogagani. After hearing about this Lord Shiva was angered and ordered Veerabhadra to destroy Dakshyagnam.

Veerabhadra along with Kali and Shiva Ganas killed Daksh and destroyed yagnam.

On this hill, Lord Shiva Started penance to attain mental peace after the death of Sati devi. Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu also started doing penance to bring back Lord Shiva to Kailasham.

Lord Shiva impressed with their penance and granted their wish. with the help of his weapon, Lord Shiva pierced the mountain to perform Abhishekam on the desire of Lord Vishnu.

After bathing on this Kotappakonda Temple holy tirtha Vishnu performs abhishekam. Many people believe that after bathing on this holy Tirtha they will be relief from sins.

Mythological Story :

Another story behind this Temple is Anandavalli a passionate devotee of Lord Shiva performs Abhishekam to Shivalingam on this hill.

One fine day, she requested the Lord to establish at her home so that she can perform pooja daily because she was not able to walk long. Lord accepts for this but on a condition, he will manifest where the place she turns back.

She accepts for this when Lord Shiva set the foot on the Brahmashikara a huge sound started after hearing the sound Anandavalli worried about the lord and turned back.

Lord Shiva self- manifested there as per the words and Anandavalli too turned into a statue at Kotappakonda Temple.


Generally, the Timings of kotappakonda Sri TriKoteswara Swamy Temple is:

  • Morning: 6:00 am – 1:30 pm.
  • Evening: 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

How to reach Kotappakonda Temple:

By Air:

  • The nearest Airport is Gannavaram airport which is in Vijayawada at a distance of 108 km from the temple.

On Rail:

  • Narsaraopet railway station is near to this Kotappakonda Temple which is at a distance of 16 km.
  • However, Guntur railway station is a major railway station which is at a distance of 55 km. From there you can reach by local transport.

By Bus:

  • However, the direct buses from Chilkalurupeta and Narsaraopeta available from this temple. However, APSRTC runs a number of buses from all major cities.

Kotappakonda Sri Trikoteswara Swamy Temple Photos:

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