Keesaragutta Temple | History, Timings and Accommodation

About Keesaragutta Temple:

Keesaragutta Temple is located in Keesara Village. Lord Shiva in the temple is Ramalingeshwara Swamy with Goddess Bhavani and Siva Durga as companions of Lord Shiva here. The temple is located on small hillock Keesara. Lakhs of devotees visit the temple on Maha Shivaratri and the whole month of Karthika Masam. Keesaragutta is in Medchal – Malkajgiri district which is 30 kms from Hyderabad and 12 kms from ECIL.

Keesaragutta temple timings

Archaeological Excavations of the Temple:

  • Archaeology department is conducting exploration and excavations in the surroundings of Keesaragutta.
  • On the north side of the hill and near the water resource of the temple they found many leftovers of brick structures and Shiva Lingams.
  • The leftovers belong to Chalukyan Empire reign. The archaeology department excavated fortification walls, Yaga Shala and Prayer halls in the temple.
  • They found some trace of leftovers and rock cut cisterns on the hill as an indication of Jainism & Buddhism.
  • On October 18th, 2014 near the temple steps at the depth of one foot archaeology department found twelve idols of Jain Thirtankara of 4th-5th century.
  • This proves Jainism co-existed along with Hinduism at Keesaragutta at the time of Vishnukundins in 4-5th century.
  • Now from past 60 to 70 years Thatakam family is working to develop the temple and they are the founder trustees.

History of Keesaragutta Temple:

Lord Sri Rama installed Shiva Lingam here to redeem for the sin of killing Ravana, a Brahmin. He had chosen Keesaragutta, the beautiful valley with hills and verdant greenery. Rama ordered Hanuman to bring a Shiva Lingam from Varanasi to install there. Hanuman arrived late with the Shiva Lingams. As the Special hour nearing, Lord Shiva himself appeared in front of Sri Rama and presented a Shiva lingam for installation. The Shiva Lingam here is Swayambhu Lingam and Ramalingeshwara as Sri Rama had installed the Lingam.

Hanuman returned from Varanasi with 101 Lingams for selection. He felt angry after seeing the Shiva Lingam installed and he threw the idols everywhere in that region. Even now several Lingams are found outside the temple.To calm Hanuman, Sri Rama ordered that priority is given to him for worship at the temple. Sri Rama said that the hillock bear his name Kesarigiri, as Hanuman is the son of Kesari and is now Keesaragutta. From that time the rituals follow the command of Sri Rama.

What are Male Mahadeshwara Betta Temple Timings?

Keesaragutta Temple Timings

The temple opens everyday from 6:00 AM to 12:30 PM and 3:00 PM to 7:30 PM. The temple remains closed from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. The Keesaragutta temple timings may change on special occasions like Maha Shivaratri and Karthika Masam.

Everyday Sevas/Poojas:

Suprabatha Seva6 am to 6:30 am
Mahayana Poorvaka Rudrabhisekam6:30 am to 7:30 am
Maha Harathi7:45 am
Abhishekam8 am to 12:45 pm
Archana & Abhishekam3 pm to 7 pm
Nivedana, Harathi, Mantra Pushpam & Pavalimpu Seva7:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Other Sevas or Poojas performed in the temple are:

  • Sri Satyanarayana Vratham (Except Pooja material & Pooja)
  • Navagraha Pooja/Archana
  • Special Archana
  • Upa Devalayam / Sri Swamivari Archana
  • Kumkuma Archana Ammavarlaku
  • Garbhalayam Abhishekam
  • Swami vari Kalyanam
  • Mahaansya purvaka Abhishekam
  • Kalabhairava Abhishekam
  • Nandi Mandapam Abhishekam
  • Vahana Pooja

Festivals Celebrated:

  • Shivaratri festival celebrated in a grand for 5 days.
  • In the Karthika Masam the temple will be of heavy crowd.
  • Special Poojas performed in Sravana Masam.
  • Daily the temple will perform Rudrabhisekam and Mahanyasa Rudrabhisekam.
  • Karthika Masam an auspicious and sacred month for Shiva and Vaishnava followers.
  • People believe that offering prayers to “Shivakesavas” in this month brings luck and prosperity.
  • Karthika Masam is the favorite month to Lord Shiva amongst all other months.
  • Family & Nature – Celebrating Vana Bhojanam or Karthika Vana Bhojanam.
  • ‘Vanam’ means loving Mother Nature, the forest. It is a kind of annual ritual, a picnic undertaken in the month of Karthika Masam.
Temple Accommodation

Keesaragutta Temple is easily accessible. As the place is 30kms from Hyderabad, there are number of buses to Keesaragutta. There are buses from Secunderabad and Jubilee Bus Stand.

There are private Residency hotels, lodges and resorts available. The Haritha Hotel of Telangana Tourism is available near the temple.

Temple Contact

Keesaragutta, ‪Medchal District,

Telangana 501301, India

90002 77444, 8418202200

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