Kapila Theertham Tirupathi | History,Timings and Photos of the temple

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Kapila Theertham Tirupathi

Kapila Theertham Tirupathi is in Tirupathi town of Andhra Pradesh.

This temple has the deity of Lord Shiva in the form of Sri kapileswara Swamy.

This temple also consists of Kapila waterfall. If devotee bath in this waterfalls that he/she will get rid of all sins and get moksha with the blessings of Lord Shiva.


Legends behind Theertham:

Once Maharishi Kapila named saint was an extreme devotee of Lord Shiva.

With his unwavering devotion, Lord Shiva besides Goddess Parvati gave him their divine darshan at this location. At that time, a Kapila lingam symbol came out of the ground.

It is  Svayambhu style of Lord Shiva believing to be as Sri kapileswara Swamy.

At the same time, the sacred lake Sarovara additionally came into existence, ahead of the Kapila Theertham Tirupathi.

According to some legends, it’s through the gap created through the lake Kapila Maharishi arrived on the world.

Kapila Theertham Tirupathi History:

In history, many rulers like Pallava lords, Vijayanagara rulers, and Tirumala Mahants have worked in the improvement of this temple.

Finally, the depiction of this sanctuary returns to the tenth century. The temple has old-fashioned engravings of Kulottunga Chola Kingdoms.

Sri Kapileswara Swamy Theertham Tirupathi Timings:

  • Generally, the Kapila Theertham Tirupathi opens at 5:00 AM in the morning and close by at 9:00 PM.

How to reach Kapila Theertham:

  • As the temple is near to Tirupati bus station and railway station we can hire a vehicle to reach the temple. Or else we can go by available public transport and on our own vehicle.

Kapila Theertham Photos:

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