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Kalyanotsavam Tirumala

Kalyanotsavam Tirumala marks a heavenly wedding ritual.

It performed as per Vaisaka Agama Sastra for the Utsava idols of the lord along with his spouses’ Goddesses Sridevi and Bhudevi in TTD.

This Kalyanam will perform in Kalyana Mandapam with only Kalyanotsavam seva ticket holders.

A priest will perform marriage and on the other hand, an archaka is sanctified to do other rituals on behalf of the bridegroom Lord Venkateswara. Generally, Kalyanotsavam begins at 10:00 am.


The process of Kalyanotsavam Tirumala:

At first, the deities of Lord Venkateswara and his consort will face each other with a screen of cloth in the middle of them.

After a relevant homam, the screen will remove so that the groom and bride can see each other. Next, Mangala sutra Dharana, and then Tahlambralu.

And then the bride and groom will exchange the garlands at Kalyanotsavam Tirumala.

Agni Pratista: Agni prastista will perform around the sacred Agni follows by prayaschitta homam.

Vastra Samarpana: In Vastra Samarpana ceremony, a new pair of silk clothes will offer to deities of Lord Venkateswara and his consorts.

Maha sankalpam: Then the main phase of the ritual Maha sankalpam will finish. It will perform at the place where the Tallapaka family lineage happens kanyadanam on the behalf of the goddess.

Kanyadanam: Kanyadanam is an important ritual in any Hindu marriage. Here priests will recite the gotra pravaras of the God and his consort.

  • Bharadwaja Gotram – Lord Venkateswara
  • Bhargava Gotram – Goddess Sri Devi
  • Kasyapa Gotram – Goddess Bhu Devi

Mangalya Dharana Mahotsavam: In this ceremony, the Lord Venkateswara will tie the pious Mangala sutra to his beloved spouses.

Varana Mayiram: This is an entertaining part performed in Hindu weddings of South India. The lord will play floral balls with his consorts. After this, the garlands will exchange.

Aarti: After the completion of the game, the lord is placed in between of his consorts on Maha Simhasanam. Sridevi is on the right side and Bhudevi is on the left is of the Lord Srinivasa.

Finally, the Karpoora Aarti, Maha Aarti, and Nakshatra Aarti will contribute to marking the end to the grand wedding of Kalyanotsavam Tirumala.

History of Kalyanotsavam in Tirumala:

Till 1546, there are no engravings associating with Kalyanotsavam.

Talapakka Tirumalayyangar will initiate this ritual. In that period, Kalyanotsavam will happen in the Tirumamani Mandapam for five days in Phalguna month.

Darshan Entrance after Kalyanotsavam:

However, this Kalyanostsavam seva ticket holders queue will combine with other paid services queue.

Kalyanotsavam Seva Tickets booking process:

Of course, you can buy Kalyanotsavam seva tickets either online at https://ttdsevaonline.com/ or at CRO office Tirumala.

To put it another way, you can also get tickets by submitting a recommendation letter at JEO camp office Tirumala.

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