Hotels in Badrinath near Temple to Stay | Booking and Cost

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Hotels in Badrinath near Temple to Stay

The temple of Badrinath is in the district of Chamoli, Uttarakhand. It is one of the holiest places for the Vaishnavas/Hindus to visit once in a lifetime. In order to go to the temple or any place, we need to book darshan, rooms in advance as they are primary for every trip. However, to darshan details refer to Badrinath Temple Timings. But for the details of Hotels in Badrinath near Temple to Stay, refer the following. In addition to Badrinath Hotels, this article will provide Badrinath hotel booking, Badrinath weather in September, Badrinath temperature in October.

Hotels in Badrinath near Temple to Stay

Badrinath Hotels

Badrinath Hotels

Hotel  Name



Sarovar PorticoDeluxe


Jagirdar Guest House

Bhajan AshramBudget


SS International

GVMN Badrinath Tourist Bungalow DevlokBudget


Badri Ville Resort

GMVN Badrinath Govt TRHBudget




GMVN Badrinath Yatri Niwas


Snow Crest

Narayan PalaceDeluxe


Badrinath hotel booking

Badrinath hotel booking

As we discussed earlier, it is better to book rooms in advance for any trip. However, in Badrinath hotel booking, some hotels are available for advance booking by the government. But before planning it is better to know the weather conditions first as it is located in the hilly terrain. Especially, the best time to visit his temple is during the summer season i.e from May to June. In addition, we can also visit the temple in September and October also.

What about Badrinath weather in September

Badrinath weather in September

Generally, the avg temperature varies from 8°c – 18°c during the entire year. But Badrinath weather in September will rise to a min of 30°c. so, it is better to go in the month of September also.

Badrinath temperature in October

Badrinath temperature in October

Temperatures will tend to increases after the rainy season in Badrinath. So, Badrinath temperature in October also gets increases as it is the month after the rainy season. However, the avg temperature varies from 17°c – 29°c.

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