Horsley Hills Enugu Mallamma Temple | History,Timings and Accommodation

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Horsley Hills Enugu Mallamma Temple

Horsley Hills Enugu Mallamma Temple is in Horsley Hills of Chittoor District.

The deity of this temple is Mallamma. The other name for Horsley Hills is Enugu Mallamma Konda.

These hills wad discovered by W.D Horsley, Kadapa District Collector in 1870.

Andhra Ooty is the other name for these hills. Horsley Hills Enugu Mallamma Temple

History of  Enugu Mallamma:

Once there lived a lady named Mallamma on these hills.

She treats the people with herbs on the top of the hills. So, people consider her as a holy lady.

Afterwards, when she disappears people around there built a temple for her and worshipped her. There also lived an elephant with mallamma by protecting her.

So, as said earlier and by the meaning of elephant(Enugu in Telugu) got the name as Horsley Hills Enugu Mallamma Temple.

Enugu Mallamma Temple Timings:

  • Generally, the temple opens at 6:00 AM and closes by 8:30 PM.

How to reach Horsley Hills

By Flight:

  • The nearest airport is at Bengaluru International Airport. From there we can hire a vehicle to reach this Horsley Hills Enugu Mallamma Temple which is 125 km away.

On Rail:

  • Madanapalli Railway Station is nearer to the Enugu Mallamma temple.

By Road:

  • Major cities of Bangalore, Madanapalle, and Tirupathi are nearer to this Horsely hills temple. State or private transports are available for this temple.

Horsley Hills Enugu Mallamma Temple Accommodation:

  • However, Andhra Pradesh Tourism and other private Guest Houses provides accommodation at hills of Horsely.
  • Haritha Hill Resort is provided by AP Tourism for online booking.

Photos of  Temple:

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