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Gunti Anjaneya Swamy Temple | History,Timings and Photos

Gunti Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Gunti Anjaneya Swamy Temple is located in Vinukonda in Guntur district. The main deity of this temple is Lord Hanuman. Here Lord Anjaneya Swamy is known as Tapa Anjaneya Swamy which means Postman.

Gunti Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Gunti Tapa Anjaneya Swamy Temple History:

As per the legends, this temple has a very famous history in Ramayan.When Demon Ravana took Goddess Sita to Lanka from Jatayuvu Lord Rama heard from this place. Besides that, historically the place Vinukonda is called as Srutha giri which means Listened. Later it became as Vinukonda or Vinna konda.

Tapa Anjaneya Swamy means postman. However, Lord Hanuman behaves as postman between Lord Rama And Goddess Sitadevi in Ramayanam. Besides that, Lord Hanuman started his journey to Lanka from this place only. Generally, this temple is famous for blessings i.e., as we tell all the problems to Lord Hanuman he carries the message to Lord Rama and gives us blessings.

Gunti Tapa Anjaneya Temple Timings:

Generally, the temple opens at 6:00 am and closes by 8:00 pm

How to Reach Gunti Tapa Anjaneya Swamy Temple:

By Air: Vijayawada Airport which is of 138 km far away from Vinukonda.

On Rail: However Guntur Jn Railway station is major railway station to Vinukonda which is of  88 km from Vinukonda. Besides this vinukonda railway station and Narsaraopet railway stations are nearby to Vinukonda. So, from there you can reach by local transport.

By Bus: Vinukonda and Epuru bus stations are nearby bus stations to Vinukonda.However, from there you can reach the temple by local transport or Auto-rickshaw. Moreover, APSRTC runs a number of buses from all major cities to here.

Gunti Anjaneya Temple Photos:

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