Chejerla Temple | History,Timings and Photos of the Temple

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Chejerla Temple

Chejerla Sri Kapoteswara Swamy Temple: This temple dedicates to Lord Shiva in the form of Kapoteswara Swamy in Chejerla village of Guntur district.

In this Chejerla Temple, Lord Shiva is in Lingakaram.

Chejerla Sri Kapoteswara Swamy Temple


As per the legends, King Sibi who was the son of Mandhata ruling the Kashmir has 2 brothers. Namely Mehadambara and Jeemutavahana.

Mehadambara has taken permission from Sibi and reached Cherum chola as a part of his divine pilgrimage where Munnis perform penance in the caves of a hill called Devarakonda.

Along with Sages he also performs penance.

After his expiry, he was buried on the summit of the hill because his body does not decompose it assumes in the form of Linga.

Villagers saw this Lingam and built a temple name as Linga Mahadambeswara. Soon after this news carried to Sibi by his soldiers.


After hearing this Jeemutavahana started to bring his brother’s body back.

After reaching this place he too walked on his brother’s way and his body reached to Kailash. This news carried to the king Sibi by his escorts.

After knowing this king Sibi reaches the place and started 100 yagnas as this is a holy place.

To test Sibi’s devotion the Lords are transformed as Lord Shiva as a hunter, Vishnu as a pigeon and Lord Brahma as an arrow in a place called Rupanaguntla on the earth.

Sibi was performing his 100th yagna at that time, Lord Shiva, as a hunter started shooting the pigeon. The pigeon flews on the hands of Sibi seeking his protection.

Hunter requested Sibi to release the bird so he can kill it and eat because it is his profession.

Sibi replied that it is his dharma to protect those who approach him.

King Sibi wants to fulfil both their wishes. So he decided to keep his flesh in one pan and in another he places the pigeon so that he donates his flesh to the hunter and saves the pigeon.

So, he started cutting the large portion of his body because the pigeon is getting more balancing. The Lord’s impress by his devotion and appear in the original form before Sibi and renovates his life and yagna.

King Sibi desired the place as Kailash for him and his staff and all their bodies should transform into Lingas. Lord Siva grants his wish and transforms into Lingas.

A Chejerla Temple was built for Sibis Linga and named as Chejerla Sri Kapoteswara Swamy Temple.


  • Generally, the temple timings are from 6:00 am in the morning and closes by 8:00 pm in the evening.

How to reach Chejerla Temple:

By Air:

  • The nearest airport is in Vijayawada which is at a distance of 145 km.

On Rail:

  • However, Guntur Jn railway station is a major railway station which is at a distance of 57 km. Besides that, Narsaraopet railway station which is at a distance of 30 km.
  • So, from there you can reach by road thereafter to Chejerla Temple.

By Bus:

  • Piduguralla, Satenpally, and Narsaraopet bus stations are near to Chejerla Sri Kapoteswara Swamy Temple from there you can reach by local transport.

Photos of Chejerla Sri Kapoteswara Swamy Temple: