Brihadeshwara Temple | History, Timings and Photos of Thanjavuru Temple

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Brihadeshwara Temple

Brihadeswara temple is one of the most ancient temples, located in the city of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, India. It is the Big temple in Thanjavur.

The Brihadeshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.  Brihadeswara temple is most famous due to its uniqueness as among the greatest glories of the Indian architecture.

This is an example of Hindu architecture from south India and also called as Thanjavur Temple or Peruvudaiyar Kovil or Rajarajeswaram.

For more details regarding Brihadeshwara Temple Architecture, Brihadeswara Temple Photos refer the following below description.

Brihadeshwara Temple


The  Brihadeswara Temple was constructed by Raja Raja Chola I, the greatest king of the Chola dynasty between AD 985 and 1014. He was the greatest warrior in the Chola dynasty.

King Raja Raja Cholan was the most successful in expanding their empire. The Big Temple was an expression of the success of Raja Raja Chola’s empire.  The temple is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site known as the “Great Living Chola Temples”.

Brihadeshwara Temple Architecture:

One of the most spectacular pieces of South Indian architecture, with due respect to the Vijayanagara and Pallava Kingdoms, is the Brihadeeswara Temple in Tanjavur.

  • The temple took 12 years to complete, and King Raja Raja Chola – I, performed the Kumbhabhishekam in 1011 AD. The central attraction is the great Vimana which is on the Temple, which is 216 feet high. It has 14 pilasters, niches, and images of God.
  • The chief architect of the temple was Kunjara Mallan Raja Raja Perunthachan. The layout of the temple is based on the principles of Vastu Shastra.
  • The central temple site is surrounded by a rectangular boundary 885 ‘ x 450 ‘ (270 m by 140 m). The temple boundary holds many sub-shrines besides the main temple and the Nandi.
  • The Nandhi (the divine vehicle of Lord Shiva) is a measuring 12 feet in height, 19.5 feet in length and 18.25 feet in width, it weighs about 25 tons.
  • This Nandi is seated in mandapam called the Nayak Mandapam.
  • The 216 feet Vimana is a notable one among the tallest manmade shikaras of the world. They are an invention of the Cholas and the painting, which are about 1000 years old are still brightly coloured.

Facts about Brihadeswara Temple:

  1. Shadow Disappears at noon: The most interesting part of this temple is the shadow of the temple, which surprisingly never falls on the ground at noon.
  2. First All Granite Temple: Brihadeshwar Temple is the first complete granite temple in the world. whenever the temple surroundings have no traces of granites.
  3. Musical pillars: At the entrance of sanctum sanctorum, one can see the two idols of Ganesha in the corridor. On taping the two, you will feel the sound travelling through the stone in one idol and through metal on the other. The main hall of the temple is said to have been used by the dancers and musicians performing in service of Shiva. Here are some musical pillars producing different sounds when tapped.
  4. Till date its the tallest temple.
  5. The gates are taller than the main temple tower.
  6. The main vimana measures in 66m height and was the largest structure in south India.
  7. The tall vimana is from an interlocking brick structure.

Brihadeswara Temple Timings

  • Morning timings:  6.00 a.m. – 12.30 Noon
  • Evening timings:  4.00 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.

How to Reach

  • The nearest airport at trichy from 65 km from the temple.
  • Railway junction in Tanjore combines with Trichy, Chennai, Madurai, and Nagore.
  • However, Tanjore is connected with all link roads.

Places to see near Brihadeswara Temple

  • Thanjavur Palace
  • Manora Fort
  • Saraswathi Mahal Library
  • Schwartz Church
  • Siva Ganga Garden

Brihadeswara Temple Photos:

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