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Best Hotels in Haridwar near Har Ki Pauri

Hari Ki Pauri is the well known holy Ghat place for Hindus to visit once in a lifetime. This place is on the bank of the river Ganga in the major holy city of Haridwar. The main attraction of this ghat is offering Aarti to the river Ganga in the evening which is called, Ganga Aarti. The word Hari Ki Pauri means the Steps of the Lord. It is believing that people who take a dip in this place of a holy river will be safe from the sins. If you are planning to go there and looking for information like Best Hotels in Haridwar near Har Ki Pauri then you have reached the best. Before that let us know the history behind it.

Best Hotels in Haridwar near Har Ki Pauri


According to the legends, during Sheera Mardhanam, between gods and devil, the emergence of nectar had taken place. Cheating Gods, Devils taken all the nectar and ran away. In order to justify, Lord Vishnu turned into a girl form and attracted devils towards him. Meanwhile, Lord Vishnu in the form of Mohini grabbed the nectar from devils hand. After knowing the truth behind Mohini arrival devils started chasing Lord Vishnu. During the chase, some drops of the nectar had fallen on this place of Hari ki Pauri which is now calling Brahma Kund. When it comes to the history of the ghat, this ghat was built by the king Vikramaditya in the name his brother who comes here for meditation.

Best Hotels in Haridwar near Har Ki Pauri:

The main attraction here is Ganga Arati. However, this arati will perform twice a day(Morning and evening). Stay in Best Hotels in Haridwar near Har Ki Pauri and offer your prayers during arati and the other places near Hari ki Pauri.

  • Hotel Le Roi – 2 km away from the ghat
  • Hotel Suresha – 1.6 km
  • Ganga Lahari – 550 m
  • Hotel Suryadaya – 950 m
  • The Haveli Hari Ganga – 850 m
  • Hotel Saraswathi – 1.6 km
  • Hotel Kapoor – 1.1 km

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