Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam | History and Photos

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Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam

Avanakshamma temple Narayanavanam is having a history of 3000 years.

It is on Tirupati Chennai highway at Narayanavam, nearby river Aruni.

Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam


The name Avanakshamma is a combination of two words Amnam means Veda and Akshi means eyes. Earlier it named as Amnakshi, later change to Avanakshamma.

Once a demon Somukuda has stolen the Vedas from Lord Brahma.

Goddess Parvati then killed the demon and returned the Vedas to Brahma.

Finally, the Goddess manifested herself (Swayambhu) as Amnakshamma at Narayanavanam. Later Brahma placed and devoted Avanakshamma here.

Swayambhu idol was very little, so sage Agasthya and Akasaraju made a bigger idol similar to it. The idol of Avanakshamma in Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam resembles Kali Matha.

Avanakshamma family deity of Akasaraju:

While Narayanavanam was the capital of Suryavanshi’s kingdom Karvetinagar. The fort was behind the Avanakshamma temple.

Whenever Akasaraju goes out, he visited the temple for Avanakshmamma’s blessings.

The book Padmavathi Parinayam states that Padmavathi was a blessed child of Goddess Avanakshamma to Akasaraju family. Throughout her childhood, Padmavathi worshipped Avanakshamma.

She expressed her interest in Lord Srinivasa to the Goddess.

After their engagement both Padmavathi and Srinivasa offered prayers to Avnakshamma.

On her wedding day, Padmavathi performed Gauri Pooja here.

Near Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam another temple known as Agastheswara Swamy temple is present. The idol of Lord Shiva placed here by sage Agasthya.

Later Akasaraju had built a temple here. In this temple, the name of this Goddess is  Markathavalli. Generally, in every Shiva temple goddess will be on the left side of Shiva Linga, but here goddess is in the first place and then Shiva Linga.

According to Venkatachala Mahathyam, after performing Rudrabhishekam here by Agasthya, Padmavathi Devi recovered from her illness.


Firstly, Avankshamma temple was built and maintained by Akasaraju, then by Karveti rulers and later by Tiruttani rulers.

In the year 1967, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has taken control of temple maintenance. Since then all poojas and festivals are performing at regular intervals.

There are many icons of gods within the temple premises.

In the main temple, a large idol of Sankari devi is present. Below the Neem tree, an idol of Lord Vinayaka is present and idols of Naga are behind the Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam.

Temple Festivals:

On Tuesday, Friday and Sunday’s large no.of devotees visit the temple. Devotees perform pooja if there is any delay in marriage and child’s birth.

During August and September months, 18 days festival is celebrated.

Every year Navaratri Brahmotsavam is celebrated at the time of Tirumala Brahmotsavam.

How to reach?

  • Puttur is the nearest railway station to Narayanavanam, it is 5 km away from the Narayanavanam.
  • From Narayanvanam, it is 1 km away, you can either go to Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam on foot or by auto rickshaw.

Photos of Avanakshamma Temple:

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